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How Chiropractic Can Help Musicians

By December 9, 2021February 2nd, 2022No Comments

We often get patients who would not have thought chiropractic would be of any benefit to them. One group, in particular, is musicians, who have a high risk of developing a range of health problems due to the physical and psychological demands of their work.

Musicians know there is a correct way to sit and stand while playing instruments such as the violin and playing with improper posture can lead to permanent damage to the spine.

Musculoskeletal injuries are known as a set of conditions that can affect the musculoskeletal system, mainly involving the upper limbs, hands, and wrists. Of the musicians we see at the Chiropractic Spine Center, the musculoskeletal problems observed most often are overuse and nerve compression. The cervical spine can also be affected due to the prolonged head and neck position used to hold the instrument. Musicians who play string instruments such as the violin and viola are required to stay seated or standing for extended periods of time while they play.

During the countless hours that they practice their instrument, it is important they maintain proper posture.

Playing these instruments requires a variety of fast, repetitive, and complicated movements of the hands and fingers, which calls for considerable effort from the muscles, ligaments, and bones. The violin requires an external shoulder rotation position, arm elevation, and constant supination, or upward facing position, of the left forearm. These factors combined can lead to bursitis and tendinopathies of the shoulder muscles.

Maintaining proper joint and muscle health is important for musicians who want to avoid acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Some musicians find it helpful to play with a shoulder rest to increase comfort while playing and practicing. Chiropractic can be used as a tool for maintaining joint health in musicians just as well as it is used for athletes.