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Chiropractic for Pregnancy

By March 2, 2022No Comments

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy?

Chiropractic helps achieve pelvic balance and alignment, which is important for the baby’s development and a safe natural birth. A misaligned pelvis can make it difficult for the baby to be in the best possible position for delivery. The spinal cord is the source of thirty-one pairs of nerves that travel all over the body. Maintaining spinal alignment is important to ensure that the nervous system as the body’s master communication system is working properly.

What is Round Ligament Pain and How Does Chiropractic Treatment Help?

Many women seek out chiropractic treatment while pregnant because they experience something called round ligament pain. Round ligament pain is a common experience for pregnant women and is a sharp feeling in the lower belly or groin area on one or both sides. The round ligament connects the front part of the womb to the groin, and it stretches out as the fetus develops. A sacral subluxation, or a pelvic misalignment, can cause ligament tension. Chiropractic adjustments are helpful in relieving the discomfort from the round ligament being stretched out.

Chiropractic care can also be used to externally rotate a breeched fetus. In order to do this, a chiropractor uses the Webster technique, allowing them to safely aid in putting the baby in the right position to be safely delivered. Chiropractic Spine Center also offers prenatal massage to help with round ligament pain, and these massages are overall beneficial to the entire body throughout the duration of a pregnancy. The benefits that chiropractic care provides during one’s pregnancy contribute to an overall better experience. Talk to your OBGYN or midwife about the benefits of chiropractic care during your pregnancy as well, we look forward to helping you!