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1930 Pearl Rd. #2 Brunswick, OH 44212

Patty P. 12/07/2016

I could barely walk when I first came in. Dr. said it would take about one week for me to start feeling better. Exactly one week and I returned to work. The staff is so friendly and Dr. Nick is such a pleasure. So kind and caring. A true gem!

Jordan H. 12/01/2016

After my back pain became so severe that I couldn't even hold my newborn daughter, my wife talked my in to coming to CSC. After all of the x-rays I found out that I have been walking around with a broken back. The treatment plan was laid out and the work started. At first I was stiff but I could feel the difference. Now three months or so later I can carry my daughter with no issues and I spend all day at work with little to no pain. Best thing my wife made me do!

Karrie M. 08/31/2016

I have been suffering from lower back pain for about ten years on and off. After seeing Dr. Nick, I was able to relieve my body of the tension and stress that I didn't even know I had. Now, when I do that daily activities that would trigger my back pain, like playing with my kids, lifting objects, etc. it doesn't happen. I also have a broader range of motion. Sometimes I anticipate the pain, but it doesn't occur. Dr. Nick has made me feel like a kid again. 

Julia A. 07/12/2016

From the first time I walked in the office everyone has been very friendly and always smiling. I always feel better after the treatment. It is unbelievable that I can move my head without pain and my back feels so much better than it has in years! Thank you to everyone for the friendliness and helping me become free of pain. 

Leah C. 07/06/2016

I came to see Dr. Nick because I had severe pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. I was in tears. My primary care doctor suggested I see a spine specialist. I called Dr. Nick's office and got an appointment within a few days. From the first appointment the pain decreased! After one month I am feeling so much better! Thank you Dr. Nick!

Amber E. 03/01/2016

Being a nurse entails being on your feet and running around for long hours day after day. My heel, leg, and back pain was making me miserable by the end of my shift. By getting adjustments, traction and ultrasound therapy I am able to have better alignment and support. I feel so much better after seeing Dr. Cambouris. Now I can get through my shifts back to back without pain!

Zoe K. 15/08/2016

I have always had neck and back pain and for years I have been going to multiple chiropractors and none of them were able to help me. For being young I felt that I shouldn't be in so much pain or having the problems that I was having. Since I've started going to Dr. Cambouris I have improved tremendously and my pain has decreased a great amount. I am very thankful for his help and his great staff. 

Krystyn F. 05/17/2016

I have suffered from carpal tunnel for over seven years. Since I've come to see Dr. Nick, I have had no symptoms. I used to wake up in pain but Dr. Nick has been working with me and I can now sleep through the night! No more sleepless nights! Thank you Dr. Nick!

Brenda W. 2/19/2016

Kind, friendly, and efficient staff. Always a smile and kind words. Dr. Nick is gentle, thorough, funny, kind, and really knows what he is doing because I am doing very well. I am so glad that I called this office for the help I needed. Definitely will refer anyone I meet to this wonderful place. Thank you very much! 

Sydney W. 12/15/15

I have had extreme pain and other medical conditions impacting my life. I was taking a lot of medication to try and control it, which was not working. The first time I saw Dr. Nick I felt more relief than I have in about ten years! I really cannot say enough good things about him. He has helped and is still helping me to gain control of my pain.

Donald E. 12/17/2015

My experience has been nothing but great. I was hardly able to walk when I came to Dr. Nick. After several treatments I am walking without pain. Surgery would have been my next step. Thank you!

Kari V. 10/12/2015

Dr. Nick is outstanding with his chiropractic care. He is very kind and compassionate. I appreciate all of the help he has provided me in treatment following my car accident. 

Darlene S. 10/9/2015

I have been coming here for years and any time someone in my family has an injury we come in and actually heal up pretty quickly and feel better. Even my husband who hates doctors comes in! That really says something!

Robert T. 10/28/2015

This office is very helpful and professional. Furthermore, everyone seems to care about you on a personal level as well. The office is very welcoming and gives you peace of mind that you will be taken care of. You can tell when a doctors office is run well and the staff care about the patients and this one does. 

Therese S. 12/07/2015

Dr. Cambouris was able to identify where I was experiencing pain and treat it accordingly. I was welcomed and treated with respect by everyone, every time I was here. Dr. Nick was attentive to my concerns and took his time when treating me. I appreciate that things were not rushed. I am very happy with the care I received and will continue working on the exercises I was shown to help build up my strength!

Thank you! 

Erin M. 10/21/2015

I am a believer in the importance of chiropractic care! What I appreciated most about my care at the Chiropractic Spine Center was how holistic it was, it went beyond adjustments. It helped me to understand how my spine and muscles work together and how necessary the care of both led to better, more comfortable health. 

Ken B. 12/2/2015

Top Notch Care!

When I walked into the office I had about 6 different pains. Almost all are gone now. After each visit in the office I could feel myself getting a little bit better. I am very pleased with how I feel!

Scott M. 10/30/2015

This was the best experience I have had to help with my pain. The staff is very nice and very helpful. I will be coming back and I highly recommend Dr. Nick to anyone in pain!

Sue C. 04/13/2015

When I first came to CSC I could barely walk or stand. I am working towards recovery. Dr. Nick and staff make my life liveable. They help me every day and treat me like family. I am on my way to a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Nick has even helped me find a doctor to assist with my thyroid disease. What else can I say, CSC has saved my life!

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