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Posted on 11-13-2015

Physical Activity is very important to maintain ones overall health, however it places significant physical and metabolic demonds on the body. Because of this it is very beneficial for all athletes to use a variety of sport recovery techniques. Following recovery techniques is the best way to reduce fatigue and restore the body and mind to a healthy state. Recovery techniques also allow the body to improve and advance in physical activities. 

Common recovery techniques include stretching and "active recovery" such as a walking cool-down. Stretching can help to relax muscles and works to reduce the possibility of injury. Nutrition and proper hydration are an important part of remaining healthy and physically active. Ensuring that the body is hydrated during physical activity is crucial to allow for optimum performance as well as continuing to hydrate after for the best recovery. 

One of the best ways to recover from any physical activity is rest and relaxation. Getting a good nights sleep is essential for healthy living as well as recovery as it helps the body repair any sustained damage and reduces fatigue. 

There are various other recovery techniques, including hydrotherapy, compression garmets, massage and other body manipulations. Talk to your chiropractor to discuss the best way for your body to recover. To learn more you can also see our November Newsletter issue 2!

*Information gathered from the Wellness News Network Weekly Newsletters November Issue 2

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