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Posted on 11-06-2015

Many of us face aches and pains that come about as a result of our work. Sometimes these happen because of physical aspects of the job such as lifting, moving, and carrying heavy objects while other times pain and injury can be brought on by the way that we sit at our desk each day. Repetative tasks can cause significant damage to the spine and surrounding tissue, and it is important to understand how to prevent such injuries.The best way to prevent spinal injuries in the work place is to make changes in the way that you carry out your works tasks. Some strategies include building physical activity into your routine, monitoring and adjusting your posture, removing any workplace hazards and modifying tasks to protect your spine. 

Including physical activity in your daily routine is beneficial to more than just your spinal health. Being overweight is linked with increased pain in the back, hip, and knees in adults and including strength training exercises to your work out can help you to avoid common injuries. Monitoring your posture is another important way you can reduce injuries in the work place. The stability of your spine is affected by posture and having unbalanced posture for extended periods of time can cause significant damage. Raising computer screens to meet eye level and sitting properly in your chair can reduce stress on the spine and help improve posture. 

Minimizing work place hazards, such as removing items that may cause you to trip and fall are an easy way to prevent injury, but also learning the proper way to lift and carry heavy objects will reduce the risk of causing harm to your spine. Finally modifying tasks to ways that are less stressful to your spine and surrounding tissue is very important. Using devices to help lift heavy items as well as using adjustable chairs and desks can help to prevent neck and back pain. 

Discussing any work related injuries with your chiropractor is a good way to help treat and prevent future injuries from occuring!

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*Information gathered from the Wellness Network Newsletter Issue 1, November 2015

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