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Posted on 10-30-2015

Many of us participated in sports and physical activites as children, and the benefits of such activity can be seen throughout the entirety of our lives. Participating in various physical activities can have long lasting effects an an individuals physical, mental and social health. By encouraging our children to participate in sports we are helping them to understand how to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Being involved in physical activity helps to maintain cardiorespiratory fitness, musclar strength, bone strength and also helps to decrease depression and anxiety. A childs social health can also be improved by participating in sports. Joining a team allows a child to build a social network and can help them to learn how to control impulse actions as well and how to handle the ups and downs of winning and losing. 

It is important to find an activity that fits your childs personality, needs, and capabilities. When children are involved in sports and activities that they enjoy and suceed in, they are more likely to continue. This will encourage the growth of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which will have major health benefits later on in life. 

-Referenced from Newsletter Issue 4 of the October 2015 Wellness New Network 

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