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1930 Pearl Rd. #2 Brunswick, OH 44212

My Vision Statement

My name is Dr. Nicholas Cambouris, and I am a chiropractor, redefining the focus on the treatment of the human frame. The master system, the control system of the body is nourished through the treatments and guidance I provide with chiropractic adjustments and the health of our structural posture. Encouraging the best available nutrition for ideal cell multiplication and growth is an important part of this process. My passion is to provide an equal opportunity for all to experience the miracle of chiropractic through education and discipline. The power of my passion comes from my loving family, patience, employees, coaches, and colleagues. I will provide the leadership for a mega chiropractic office and teach chiropractic nationally and internationally for the betterment of its profession. This will impact the growth of chiropractic patience worldwide and the knowledge of health and balance of soma. Supporting my family as a great husband and father, emotionally and spiritually, and living harmoniously is an essential part of my growth. I don’t have a job; I have a life with a purpose and a mission to succeed in my vision, all the while gaining financial freedom. In the end of this life, I want to thank my creator for the talents He provided me, and leave behind a Greater Purpose to build upon. This defines my vision. This provides me tranquility.

My Chiropractic Philosophy

Patients that understand what chiropractic is really about, receive their adjustments on a regular basis, for a lifetime. Preventative healthcare is an essential part of good health. The chiropractic adjustment opens the nerve channel and relieves the pressure off of the nerve. Since the nervous system is the master system controlling everything in our body, from our immunity to our muscular system to our endocrine system, keeping the nerve channel free of interference will always help to reduce stress and increase efficiency to stay healthier. Provoking structural weakness with strength for supported alignment against gravitational forces feeds chiropractic success. Along with good nutrition and exercise, chiropractic is not only the solution of acute symptoms; it is an essential part of staying healthy for a lifetime.

Dr. Nicholas S. Cambouris, D.C., Dip.Med.Ac.

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